Vedalife: The Wellness Gateway

Most people tend to equate wellness within the Vedic lifestyle as an austere, unattainable yogic lifestyle, not compatible with modern living, but this could not be farther from the truth…….

It is our goal at Vedalife to bring you high quality artisanal and eco-conscious, luxury wellness and lifestyle products…inspired by ancient wisdom. We strive towards producing items that are not just beautiful to look at, but also good for your wellbeing, and compatible with a modern lifestyle.

We are a Canadian company, but our products are exquisitely handcrafted in India, by master artisans called ‘Kaarigar’ in a fair trade and positive work environment. Our artisans possess a degree of expertise which has been acquired through apprenticeship under master artisans, each one of them now a master artisan, themselves. Each handcrafted work of art, that is so skillfully made, holds a special place in our hearts and a piece of the artisan’s soul. At the workshop, it is not just always work, though. Our artisans can often be seen sharing a lighthearted joke or an intriguing folk tale over a cup of chai, in a laidback, rural environment often not seen in urban centres. Being handcrafted, each one of our items is unique and their minor imperfections and differences add to their uniqueness.

We also take our responsibility towards the environment very seriously. After all, our present actions affect our future generations. Our materials are ethically sourced and our products themselves, are all recyclable, sustainable, cruelty-free, fair trade, plastic and BPA free. All our products are also vegan, with the exception of our embroidered jute yoga gear bags, which are embroidered in wool. Our metals are completely lead free and of the purest quality.

We try to avoid single use plastics in our packaging as much as we possibly can without compromising on the quality of our products, and to achieve this end we have invested in reusable and waste free packaging for our products. Our Copper Water Bottle and Kansa Wand packaging are made of recycled cardboard and are sturdy enough be repurposed as containers for makeup brushes, paint brushes or as a pen/pencil/marker case etc. for a long, long time. They are even big enough to roll up your favourite scarf and store in!! The jute packaging we use for our Copper Tongue Scrapers can be reused as jewelry/trinket pouches. The possibilities are endless! Making mindful choices is at the core of our business practices

We have a vision, to make Vedic wellness accessible to all. For us, wellness is a journey where we are all Wellness Pilgrims on this journey called life, possessing a little bit of divinity in each one of us.

Namaste (the divine in me respectfully bows to the divine in you)