Are your copper products made of pure copper or are they simply lined with copper?

Firstly, let us clarify that 100% pure copper is a myth that has been propagated by some ignorant and ill-informed companies globally. A simple lab test on their copper vessels will certainly reveal the truth. Copper being a highly ductile metal needs to have a negligible amount of another metal added for durability. Having said that, we would also like to add that our copper bottles are pure Ayurvedic copper bottles, which means they have been crafted with the highest grade copper with 98%+ purity and the rest infused with zinc, as described in Ayurvedic texts. The zinc adds extra durability to the bottle and immune boosting benefits to the water, plus it also maintains the delicate zinc-copper balance of the body, thus ensuring that copper toxicity is never an issue when you drink water from a Vedalife copper water bottle. Our copper tongue scrapers are also crafted in the same Ayurvedic copper-zinc ratio as our bottles.

Are your copper bottles leak proof?

All of our copper bottles come fitted with a silicon gasket to ensure that your water stays where it belongs…….inside the bottle!

Is it safe to drink water from my copper vessel if it has been in there for two days?

The ideal time frame to store water in a copper bottle is between 8-14 hours. However, if your bottle is cleaned regularly, water left in it occasionally for up to two to three days should not adversely affect it. The best way to gauge if your water is still safe to be consumed is by taking a sip of it, without swallowing. If it has a metallic taste, it is likely not safe to be consumed.

Can drinking from a copper vessel cause toxicity?

The answer is typically, no. However, the copper vessel must be cleaned regularly as instructed on our website. Our bottles are also infused with zinc which prevents excess accumulation of copper in the body. The daily recommended intake of copper for the average adult is 2mg, the quantity received from copper infused water is much lesser than that. Also, the human body metabolizes and eliminates excess trace minerals from the body. However, if you have any health concerns which may cause accumulation of copper in your system, it is best to seek counsel from your medical practitioner prior to drinking copper infused water.

What is the best time to consume copper infused water?

Ayurvedic treatises state that the time best time to consume copper infused water is first thing in the morning, on an empty stomach. You need not consume all the water in the bottle, one to two glasses can suffice. You can the refill your bottle with water and keep consuming this diluted water throughout the day.

I just received my copper vessel and it has some greenish/black stains in it. Is it moldy?

The hallmark of purity in a copper vessel is how it tarnishes. Copper tarnishes due to oxidation even when there is minimal contact with oxygen in the environment. It is possible that some air may have remained trapped in your bottle during the manufacturing process and that tarnished the bottle from the inside while it made its journey to you. It is nothing to worry about. Simply clean your bottle, as instructed on our website, and your bottle will be shiny again. However, one thing to note is, that with regular use, unlacquered copper acquires a patina on its surface, even with regular cleaning. All our copper bottles are lacquered on the outside with food grade lacquer to keep them looking like new and are unlacquered on the inside to give you the maximum benefits of consuming copper infused water.

Yoga Collection:

What are the differences in your two types of cork yoga mats?

Cork is a naturally occurring hypoallergenic substance. However, one of our cork yoga mats has a rubber base, which may not be suitable for latex allergy sufferers. Hence, we have a cork yoga mat with EVA base as a hypoallergenic alternative to the cork yoga mat with rubber base. Also the cork yoga mat with rubber base is a 4mm mat and the cork yoga mat with EVA base is a 5mm mat.

Ayurvedic Wands:

Why does my face turn grey after using my Kansa wand?

The ideal Ph for skin leans slightly on the acidic side. However, some have people have skin that is higher in acidity which can cause inflammatory issues to the skin such as eczema, psoriasis, CIU, acne, excessive oiliness etc. These are mostly individuals with Pitta constitution type and the Kansa wand is simply reacting with and drawing out the excessive heat, acidity and toxins from the skin. This greying effect can be washed off with a mild cleanser. With regular use, as your skin balances itself, this greying effect should go away.