Ancient Wisdom: Holistic Wellness

Ayurveda always seeks to bring the body back to homeostasis–or its natural state of balance. 

The modern lifestyle lacks the ability to balance one’s wellbeing in a holistic manner….. leading to a manifestation of ‘dis-ease’ in its various forms. This has also led to a renewed interest in alternative and complementary wellness practices……..the world is also simultaneously turning more eco-conscious.

In their quest for wellness, individuals and corporates have knowingly and unknowingly tapped into one or more of the branches of Ayurveda. Whether it is practising Yoga, adding ginger to your tea or adding that pinch of turmeric to your latte or milk for its immune boosting benefits, all these are practices that is have their roots in Ayurveda. Over the last few years, cosmeceutical companies have begun using herbs such as moringa, sandalwood, neem etc. which are indigenous to the Indian subcontinent, in their skincare formulations

Today’s modern Yogis have reawakened to the mind, body, soul synergy of Ayurveda and adapting them to contemporary living with the renewed realization that ancient Vedic wisdom did not simply focus on an individual but also their environment, making it an ideal lifestyle practice even for an eco-conscious and mindful lifestyle. Thus, the Vedic lifestyle not only sustains an individual’s mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing, but also their environmental wellbeing.